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Why Choose RENT a CEO


What can we offer at RENT a CEO that makes the service worthwhile?


Experience - Sure, we’ve said this plenty of times already and you’ll find it plastered all over our website, but can we really underestimate the importance of experience? Your investment will go towards an experienced interim CEO who has the confidence and ability to deal with short-term problems as well as the vision for long-term growth.


Instant Availability - If you were to search for a full-time leader, the recruitment process could take months (months you might not have!). We aren’t saying you should stop the process; we can fill the gap while you search for the perfect fit. It doesn’t matter whether your previous CEO has left, or you just need to expand the management team, an interim CEO will keep the business steady while you arrange long-term plans.


ROI - When an interim CEO comes in to help, they will be accountable for results (just like a regular CEO). Without worrying about severance packages, extensive contracts, benefits, and everything else that comes with hiring management, you’ll have access to the very best executive talent. No bureaucracy, they can walk through the door and start offering a return on the investment immediately.


Very Little Admin - Although we hinted at it in the previous point, we feel it deserves a section of its own. What do you need and when do you need it? This is most of the admin required to get started with RENT a CEO. You don’t have to worry about contracts, and the relationship can base itself around hard work and success rather than fine print.


We should note that written agreements will be recommended for long-term projects and when a section of our fee is based on performance.

An Agreement Based Around Engagement


In the past, we’ve read plenty of stories of businesses who emptied their bank account to get a report from a consultancy company. While it might seem pretty at first, it can easily get put to one side because you soon realize that it’s the implementation process that requires assistance.


Fortunately, interim CEOs will have this valuable experience. Rather than a simple consultancy, they will use their experience to come in with a fresh perspective. Very quickly, they can assess your businesses, consider strategies, and take that important step of implementation. Instead of an extra body in the office, what you’re actually tapping into is the time that they’ve spent launching businesses, running them successfully, and overcoming difficult periods.


Huge reports with thousands of words and pretty graphs might look great, but we find they end up gathering dust in a desk or propping up a table somewhere. We understand that every minute counts, you can’t stand still for even a moment. We’ll assess your business, find the quickest route to results, and take that first step as soon as possible.


Not only will this approach provide stability for the team on the front line, it should also offer confidence to the board and shareholders. Whether you just need help for a short period, or you want to bridge a gap during an important transition, you have our support.


As soon as we step in to help, one of our brilliant professionals will undertake extensive analysis of various operating and financial metrics. Furthermore, they talk with your team, creditors, customers, and important stakeholders to get a better idea of the business. From here, we can have a meeting with each director and the chairman as a strategy is agreed upon for the good of the company.


By following this process, we can ensure that everybody is on board. During this transition, it also means the board will be comfortable knowing there will be no loss of value to the company.

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