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this time of change and uncertainty, organizations around the world in all the sectors face the challenge of economic downturn. Companies in financial distress face a unique set of challenges and they need to 


transform themselves and at the same time turn this process into an opportunity to strengthen the roots and the structure.

The first priority is to guarantee the short-term survival but at the same time define the path and strategy for long-term success. If the survival is unavoidable then define a reorganization plan that will address the needs of all stakeholders and other business partners and associates.


To revive and thrive again in these difficult situations and times, companies must first go thru a thought process and then answer the questions:

  • Can we stop bleeding if we redefine the strategy and reorganize the structure?

  • How can we quickly stop the bleeding?

  • How can we find cash funding?

  • Which are the business units to maintain and which to give up?

  • How can we focus on the most viable parts of the business moving forward?

We focus on the most important operational, strategic, organizational, and financial levers in order to ensure a comprehensive recovery. We define strategy to suit the needs of each situation by understanding the present situation and the factors affecting it and how the companies can come out of this even stronger.

  • Revisit the business module, its vision and strategies

  • Define Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)

  • Compare with the competitors and analyze their strength and weakness

  • Draw the plan for cutting unnecessary costs

  • Plan the management restructuring

  • Ensure the new organization and its culture has the right ambitions and ability to deliver

  • Get the approval and execute the plan

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