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Sourcing services sERVICES

We are a team of sourcing professionals previously employed by large multinational companies in sportswear industry. We are well versed with the international trading regulations and procedures and have the knowledge, experience and sources to make a substantial contribution to any company seeking the benefits of low cost and high quality sourcing. We are capable of serving you as back-office support to ensure a smooth flow of documents and goods, enabling you to focus on important deals and business development.

We have the business and cultural knowledge, with spoken and written language skills to eliminate the risk of miscommunication or misunderstanding. We have the cross-cultural knowledge to ensure that customers’ requirements are matched by suppliers’ capabilities.  When you want to reduce costs in your business, the right sourcing consulting service can deliver significant savings at low risk, while maintaining or improving the quality of goods and services you buy.

Our client includes reputable companies in the USA and the EU, and in Asia - India and greater China. We are engaged in assisting our customers outside of China and India in identifying qualified suppliers for the purpose of low cost sourcing and continuity of supply. We form long term strategic partnerships with our customers as well as manufacturers which help us in delivering the results in time and also have rapid savings together with improvements in efficiency you can measure & quantify.


We are here to assist you to meet your customers' needs, ensuring you of a hassle free trade flow.

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