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act as a partner to the private equity industry and its key stakeholders.  advise investors and entrepreneurs across the entire investment life


 cycle and ensure win win situation for all. We help in identifying and closing successful deals, enhance the value of portfolio companies, integrate follow-on acquisitions, and conduct vendor due diligence in preparation for exit.

Our capabilities include:

Developing Strategy

We identify where the equity can accelerate a company’s growth and profitability prospects, including any “gaps,” and investor companies that could fill those gaps. We help companies succeed by first developing an investment thesis. "How introducing investors and capital into the business will make it successful and more valuable, and how will I bring value to the investors?”


Acquisition Screening

Successful deal making requires a well-defined strategy and experience. We work with our clients to develop and define a clear view on their growth opportunities and capital needs. Depending on the requirements of our clients we review alternative structural solutions and then select the optimal configuration.



We help clients appraise the total additional net value potential of the transaction. This includes an estimate of their own valuation, of the partner’s stand-alone valuation, and of the synergies ranked by ease of achievement.

Strategic Due Diligence

We have worked alongside the best private equity partnerships. We take an active part in the due diligence process, playing a leading role in the review of the industrial/commercial capabilities of the transaction partner. It is important to know what you are buying and how you will make the business more valuable.

Providing full support

We make sure that we provide the full support, from the beginning till the goal defined is achieved. We work with the management throughout the transaction. As we move on with the negotiations, we review our value-creation estimates, strategies and then provide our clients with the details with value-risk involved.

Re-design the corporate governance

If the deal requires lot of changes in the Company or its structure, we help our clients in redesigning their governance principles, mechanisms, and infrastructure.


Portfolio Value Creation

Develop strategies and operational improvements to increase Earnings before Interest Taxes Depreciated and Amortization (EBITDA), and the value of the company. Immediately post-acquisition, we support the drive for rapid returns by developing a strategic blueprint, leading workshops that align management with strategic priorities and directing focused initiatives. During the ownership phase, we support leveraged efforts in revenue enhancement and cost reduction and refresh the value-creation plan.

Optimize Value on Exit

We conduct market research and validate management plans based on objective market metrics to provide potential buyers with a clearer view of investment opportunities. We help ensure investors consummate deals with a maximum return by preparing for exits, identifying the optimal exit strategy, preparing the selling documents and pre-qualifying buyers.


Distressed Turnarounds

We provide expertise to the companies and investors of underperforming, capital constrained operations. We focus on turnarounds that preserve shareholder equity. We are skilled in financial restructuring and strategic, operational and organizational transformations.

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