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Why Chinese Shoppers Aren’t Loyal

Key Takeaways:

  • According to Jerry Clode, founder of The Solution and China analyst, the over-use of tactical marketing is now a clear indicator of a brand relationship gone bad.

  • China marketing strategist Amber Wu says that companies approach the market without precisely understanding their consumers or brand proposition.

  • Once companies create a clear backdrop, allowing consumers to fulfill their deepest desires to be global citizens. Chinese shoppers are often intensely loyal as a result.

Many say Chinese consumers are not particularly loyal. Younger shoppers are even more fickle, blindly chasing trends and products over names. In fact, China’s Gen Zers allegedly lose interest in labels at the drop of hat, especially non-portfolio names. However, this might just be an excuse for international luxury not doing enough to retain their interest.

Loyalty is nearly always hard-won. Companies have to outdo themselves when it comes to differentiation. They must be innovative in their product lines, reactive to trends, and responsive to consumer demands, all in the hope of retaining existing consumers. On the whole, it works – if consumers have a good experience, like the product, and rate the service or experience, they will return.

On the other hand, if you fail to offer newness, shoppers will, inevitably, drop off. That is as true in China as anywhere else. However, in China, the situation is heightened in two ways:

  1. The country operates a sophisticated and competitive retail culture which is rooted in a dynamic online landscape.

  2. China is home to an unstoppable luxury market.

Additionally, attention spans are shorter as online-first customer journeys, shaped by mobile phones and short videos, are more ad hoc. The proliferation of opportunities for peer influencing and word of mouth is also much higher, which means not targeting your customers on the correct e-commerce or social platforms is a major pain point for companies.

Once brands understand what is unique about the Chinese shopper, they will realize that loyalty is, in fact, there for the taking. Given that, Jing Daily explores the question, what can brands do to earn Chinese shopper loyalty?



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