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What I Wish I Knew About Customer Service as a New Entrepreneur

Your business has reasonable prices and quality products, and your marketing efforts receive high engagement. This sounds like the perfect recipe for a successful business, right?


A business is nothing without customer service. Customers look beyond good prices and quality -- they want to feel special, like their business matters to you, and they want to have a meaningful experience that gives them a reason to come back. 

Treating customers right benefits your business in so many ways. You'll have free brand ambassadors that recommend your company to everyone they know. Word-of-mouth marketing is more effective than paid advertising because people follow recommendations from those they trust. 

You'll also have less customer churn. Many new customers don't understand their own needs, so you may spend large amounts of support time and energy as customers try to see where the product fits in with their lives. Returning customers, however, already know the value your product brings to their lives and are past the doubting stage.

The most crucial point is that customers make your business the best it can be. They're your most honest voices and tell you when something's not right. That way, you can adjust issues and grow on strong points. 

As a CEO, you have the power to give customers the best customer service experience to ensure your company's success. 

Customer service isn't always about pampering your customers. It's often about looking at the big picture as well. In my time as a CEO, I've come across a few things that have helped me achieve good customer service and, in return, bring success to my company. 


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