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Wang Yibo, Li Xian, and Li Jiaqi: Why men are the new faces of women’s beauty ads in China

In China, men are advertising lipstick, makeup, and face creams. Female consumers say it makes them feel empowered.

Walk through the streets of Shanghai, Seoul, or Tokyo, and you’ll likely find billboards featuring men with delicate facial features, dewy skin, visible makeup, and a youthful, androgynous look. Often, they’re advertising cosmetics or skin care products.

In recent years, Asia—and China in particular—has seen a boom in young male brand ambassadors. Pop idols such as Wang Yibo and Liu Haoran have been featured on ads for women’s facial masks and night creams.

Li Jiaqi, a fast-talking salesman known for testing lipstick on his own face, holds court every night with his live show on the shopping app Taobao Live, where he peddles everything from cosmetics to handbags.

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