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Tmall launches China’s first One-Shoe scheme, warming hearts of the disabled

“What I’m going to do with the other shoe?”

For most of us, we might ask for a refund had we received only one shoe or at least demanded we have the other for the pair. But for some, every time receiving a pair of shoes could be a pinch in their hearts, namely those people living with one leg.

A two-minute narrative-free campaign video delivers a silent, yet, powerful message that people with one leg are as much capable as anyone else, if not more.

Rarely has the question that “What I’m going to do with the other shoe?” come across our minds, because we have taken a pair of shoes for granted like we do our accessibility and use of our legs. On the other side, this triviality alienates those amputees, as it reminds them of their physical defects compiling their differences to others.

Tmall’s solution with just one shoe

“Then why not just giving them the one shoe they actually need?” asked Jin Sihan, creative director for Tmall’s One-shoe scheme, also known as “One is Enough” campaign. This PR series was unveiled by the e-commerce platform two days after this year’s Singles’ Day Shopping Festival presales kicked off on 20 October.



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