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This is what the office will look like in 2022

In June of this year, an estimated 42% of the U.S. labor force was working from home full time—an experience that has fundamentally changed the nation’s views on where and how we work best. Determining how to integrate these learnings into future real estate decisions will be a difficult task, especially considering all of the challenges that site selection teams already face.

“Figuring out who will work from home and who will require actual office space, which offices to prune and which to keep, how they will be configured and shared, and precisely where they should be sited,” professor Richard Florida wrote in the Harvard Business Review (HBR) last month, “requires more strategic thought, analysis, and planning than ever.”

But where will all those strategic plans lead? What should leaders be thinking about when it comes to their real estate portfolios? Given that it will take time for leases to come due and changes to be made, I asked myself “what are the top trends that will shape the offices of 2022?”

THE HYBRID (NOT REMOTE) WORKFORCE A key recent development in corporate America is the hybrid workforce, as employees split their time between their home and the office, rather than solely working at one or the other. Although many experts, including me, believe an entirely remote workforce is a smart strategy, recent surveys have shown that the vast majority of U.S. employees prefer a hybrid approach.



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