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These are the world's most innovative economies

The World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) latest Global Innovation Index ranks 131 economies on their innovation performance.

Top of the pile? Switzerland, which also took top spot last year. Indeed, it's the 10th consecutive year it's come first.

What does Switzerland do so well?

Switzerland scores well across the index's seven areas and is particularly strong in areas such as high R&D expenditure and for having an innovative business sector.

It also ranks highly in its quality of innovation - second only to the United States. This is thanks to the "high-quality of its universities and scientific publications," but also the efforts to goes to to "internationalize its inventions".

How do you measure innovation?

The index is based on two sub-indices - the Innovation Input Sub-Index and the Innovation Output Sub-Index. The former looks at the elements of national economies that go into enabling innovative activities - such as research and development - while the latter looks at the results of these activities, for example creative goods and services.

An average of these two is then taken to give the overall score, with each given equal weighting. You can see a breakdown of these sub-indices below.


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