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The Return Of Luxury Brick-And-Mortar: 4 Reasons To Go Back

I am not going to pretend I have the solution for all brands on how to think about their future brick-and-mortar footprints — far from it. But the essential idea, for me, is that if you focus on making the consumer feel great — and remember their time in the store rather than just on selling them a product — you will be off to a great start. With that in mind, here are four ways to think about the future of physical luxury spaces.


Luxury brands should ensure their stores are not “copy and pastes” of one another. Every store will have to convey its personality, specific product assortment, decor, art pieces, and animations — all elements that cannot be visible anywhere else. If you are going to a friend’s country house, wouldn’t you be spooked if it were exactly the same as their downtown apartment or seaside shack? You can have consistency in messaging, color coding, and overall look and feel, but make every physical place unique.



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