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The New Work-From-Home Uniform: A Business Suit That’s Pajamas, Too

TOKYO—Taichi Ito was on a Zoom call brainstorming with his advertising-agency colleagues when he mentioned his pet peeve about his wife’s virtual meetings. It didn’t make sense for her to don a business suit when nothing much below the upper arms showed up on camera.

His colleagues agreed, so he showed them a tailor-made solution he had sketched out: the top half of a business suit sewn to part of a sweatshirt starting at around the elbows, plus sweatpants—just enough formality to fit within a video frame.

“I was thinking it was a joke and he wouldn’t do it,” said Yuki Ito, his wife.

Working at an agency named Whatever Inc., as Mr. Ito does, may make it a little easier to realize odd ideas. Soon, Whatever was selling what it named WFH Jammies—a unisex dress-shirt-and-sweats combo in white, blue, pink and polka-dot—to the work-from-home crowd for about $95.



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