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Sports Shoe Manufacturing: Golden Opportunities for "Atmanirbhar Bharat"

India is the second-largest footwear manufacturer in the world and accounts for 10 % of the global footwear manufacturing, next to China, which leads with 53 % in the global footwear market. At this point in time, when the Atmanirbhar Bharat' mission is pressing the priority button, we should take notice of the chance to cater to all the opportunities in the global sports shoes manufacturing with the flourishing industries, propelling the economy and established workforce. The footwear industry in India, being a labour-intensive sector that employs more than 4 million people in India, is a motor of the growth in the Indian manufacturing sector. Out of 16 billion pairs of footwear, which are produced in the world on an annual basis, India produces 2065 million pairs of different categories. But, India exports only 115 million which is quite low as per the criteria of the Self-reliant vision. Thus, around 90 % of the footwear are drained in the domestic consumption itself. Despite the second position in sport's shoe manufacturing, 80 % of the footwear are low-cost products, which are manufactured by the unorganized sector and only 20 % are leather products out of which, very little is exported. Footwear categories exported from India include Dress shoes, casuals, Moccasins, Sports shoes, boots, sandals, slippers etc., out of which the category of sports shoes is the sound opportunity as it is seen in the reports that India's non-leather export has been increased from around 202 million dollars in 2012-2013 to around 296 million dollars in 2016-17. Read More at


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