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Plant-based Meat: The Trends, Players and Consumers in China’s Huge Market

China is the largest market for meat due to its huge population. It has more chickens than any other nation and it’s the second largest consumer of beef behind the United States according to the US Department of Agriculture. The country consumes more pork than anywhere else in the world and is the world’s largest market for it, with pork being a key component in lots of popular Chinese dishes. Despite being hit with tremendous losses of around 100 million pigs as a result of African swine fever, China is still aiming to become self-sufficient in pork production. China already makes abundant use of soy as a meat substitute and has a long history of “vegetarian meat” products eaten by many Buddhists who don’t want to consume animal products, but the emergence of other plant-based meats is bringing more product choices and experiences to consumers. It goes beyond burgers to substitutes for chicken, shrimp, shellfish, cheese and more. Now that consumers, especially those in higher tier cities, are more willing to try alternative proteins, it’s not just about good health and experimenting with novel products, it’s also a matter of practical necessity, self-sufficiency and environmental protection. Read More at


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