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Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani and Salvatore Ferragamo premiere spring/summer 2021 collections

To show or not to show: each Milan fashion house had to make a difficult decision about how to reach the fashion public this season under the safety constraints imposed to counteract Covid-19.

Italy’s fashion capital – one of the top four runway cities in the world – has worked hard to maintain a near-real fashion week, with 23 live shows; coming after New York, which was mostly virtual, and London, where designers mostly met with small groups of editors . Paris will be the next city to test the waters with live shows.

“We need to start from the position that this cannot be compared with the past. We are starting from now, doing the best with the situation that exists today,’’ said the president of Italy’s fashion council, Carlo Capasa. ‘’It is important to give a voice to the brands. Above all, to do it in safety.’’

Below is our pick of highlights from the previews of mostly womenswear for the next warm weather season.


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