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Louis Vuitton to Gucci, why high-profile luxury brands are so focused on monograms?

Motifs and monograms have timeless appeal. From grandmothers’ embroidering their initials on handkerchiefs to the Louis Vuitton monogram slung across the arm of every fashionista and now plastered across high streets, a good monogram is one which evokes sentiments.

Chef Yosuke Suga of the Tokyo-based restaurant Sugalabo is passionate about showcasing local Japanese ingredients in his unique establishment, welcoming a select few diners every evening. And so, Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades designer Tokujin Yoshioka designed a monogram-inspired charger plate, from which a variety of the restaurant’s crockery has been developed.

Then there is Louis Vuitton’s LV Escale bag collection for April. Infused with a tie-dye vibe, it is perfect for a laidback summer’s day. Best of all? The print (which is inspired by shibori, the age-old Japanese technique that consists of twisting and knotting the fabric before dying it) is available in a giant monogram.

Additionally, New York-based contemporary artist Urs Fischer, better known for his large-scale installations, has reimagined Louis Vuitton’s most distinctive Monogram pattern. One of the few artists to refashion the Maison’s iconic pattern completely since its creation, Fischer reinterpreted the Monogram’s flowers and LV initials in new hand-drawn, enlarged and distorted versions that he calls “memory sketches”. This new Monogram is a key decorative motif, featured throughout the collection. The collaboration also features a series of whimsical, animated characters created by the artist.

Last month, the brand also launched a kite for $10,400. It first appeared during the Spring/Summer 2019 show as a prop. However, it has now become a product made from technical nylon material and comes in a Monogram print. The kite measures 6×30 inches and comes with a monogram canvas carry case.

Saint Laurent’s newest addition (in November last year) is a suede in black and burgundy bags embossed with Cassandre’s iconic YSL logo in a classic style. Dior foundation’s couture case, too, boasts the fashion house’s iconic monogram pattern accentuated with hints of gold throughout.


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