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Future of Work: Virtualization of Economy

Grossly underestimated today is the ‘remote-working’, taken as a short-term pandemic issue, undervalued, due to the lack of corrected measurements on productivity and real value remote virtuality plus blatant refusal to accept downfall of office towers across the world. Illusion of normalcy is a jab of vaccines in reality many years away. Grossly misunderstood today is entrepreneurialism; lack of appreciation of hidden talents of citizenry, lack of skills on national mobilization of entrepreneurialism on digital platforms of upskilling for exports and reskilling manufacturing to create local grassroots prosperity are main issues. Bailouts cannot fix the office towers dilemma, displaced workers cannot survive massive confusion, the future of work demands bold open dialogues to tackle specificity and start aggressive plans, nation-by-nation, customized to long-term virtualization of the economy.

Like a meteor, the pandemic has hit the humankind directly on the body, the aftershocks and tsunami on the mind. Now the mind has started asking forbidden questions. Like why, what is real is not visible and what is not real surrounds us. Today, corporate management is confused, the real estate industry of the world frightened, and economic development leaderships of the world mostly in silence. Missing are bold and open debates on specificity where declaration of ‘remote-working-protocols’ adapted with permanence may lead to streamlined recovery and calm the workforces. Unless top national leadership accept the current crisis, a global force of simultaneous transformation as unique phenomena demanding new economic definitions on the workforce fronts, the confusion will turn restless citizenry into an angry force to reckon with.

All over the world, some 10,000 cities are slowly going dim. The downtown in disarray, offices going remote while billion workers replaced by technology, another billion displaced by covid-19 plus adding another billion misplaced for being too entrepreneurial driven and out of box creative thinkers. The masses are marching on main boulevards, the peace and harmony at risk. Right now, what the local leadership needs at each layer of economic development is “virtualization of economy”. New understanding on how “future of work” becomes invisible but accessible in far superior form via zoomerang culture of virtual and remote working, connected across the world in a 24×7365 format in simultaneous synchronization. A new world of 200 nations and 10,000 cites suddenly opens up as new global markets for Micro-exports and Micro-manufacturing. Of course, such new thinking is a major threat to old systems.


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