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India trusts Prime Minister's Office more than Supreme Court, Parliament: Survey

The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) is more trusted (74.4%) than the Supreme Court of India (72.6%) and Parliament (71.7%) among government institutions in the country. The main Opposition party (53.3%) ranks among the lowest on the list.

This was revealed by the Firstpost The National Trust Survey, conducted by Ipsos. The global market research firm, based in Paris, surveyed around 35,000 people across urban and rural wards covering 320 parliamentary constituencies in 23 states. The objective was to measure the political positioning of the voters and deduce the reasons behind it.

According to the survey, the people of this country trust the BJP more than the Congress to resolve issues such as inflation, petrol prices, infrastructure development, lack of employment opportunities, etc. This phenomenon is more prominent in the Hindi heartlands.

In addition, majority of people have placed their trust in Prime Minister Narendra Modi as compared to Congress President Rahul Gandhi as the leader of the nation, with the exception of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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