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everyone recognizes that innovation is no longer optional. The context in which business actually operates changing rapidly as the global competitive landscape responds to issues such as energy conservation, 


environmental sustainability, emerging economies, demographic disparities, social trends and technology convergence. The businesses realize they must move from optimizing current models to continually reinventing them and these changes are too good an opportunity to waste. The challenging part is how to do so reliably and successfully, to avoid or to minimize the failure which is big worry of innovation. 

Many companies fail to get the most out of their investment in innovation. We assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Assess current situation, define targets

  • Intelligence Management

  • Define technology strategy and roadmap

  • Re-define processes, enabling improved project planning, follow-up, and execution

  • Identify candidates of technology partners

  • New growth in adjacent business fields / search fields

  • Business model innovation / transformation

  • Innovate for cost and competitiveness

  • Lean & fast Innovation Processes, Structures & IT

  • Transform business models from single product to “3S model” - Service, System, and Solution  

  • Identify priority areas for improvement and a specific action plan

  • Implementation of priority actions

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