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and the risk of fraud, is an ongoing problem for most organizations and it has become more complex and frequent in recent years. This costs trillions of dollars every year. Fraud not only results in financial loss but also impairs the brand reputation, alienates valued customers and suppliers and diminishes market confidence and trust.


is a deliberate and calculated act of crime that can be perpetrated by someone outside the organization or by an insider with intimate knowledge of company operations. The developments in technology and globalization of businesses are adding more to this problem which makes prevention even more challenging.

We support the organizations in following different ways and steps:

  • Assess the nature of their fraud and misconduct risk exposures

  • Design effective ethics and compliance programs and related anti-fraud controls

  • Assign responsibilities and deploy resources for these programs

  • Evaluate program and control effectiveness

  • Forensic accounting

  • Corporate internal investigations

  • Analyzing Financial statements fraud

We not only take a proactive approach to prevent fraud and mitigating its consequences but also put in place the methods to address the existing problems.

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