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many companies, maximizing value requires exploring alternative forms of corporate collaborations, including alliances and joint ventures (JVs). In recent years, alliances have become an


increasingly important and complex—part of corporate strategy, driven by such forces as new geographic markets, industry convergence, and the need to spread the costs of developing new products and services. They can be extremely useful in uncertain situations and in pursuing growth opportunities.

Alliances and joint ventures include defining the strategic rationale of a partnership, identifying its appropriate organizational and governance structures, and managing it stringently to achieve the desired goals. There are several important questions to be addresses properly before any successful alliance is made:

  • What is the areas—geographies, product lines, or functions?

  • Who are the right potential partners?

  • How can we prepare for alliance or joint venture negotiations?

  • How can we ensure constructive management and decision making in the alliance?

  • How can we set up the management process for evaluating strategic options?

  • What will be the roles of each parties?

  • How the relationship will be managed over the time?

  • How the issues arising from the alliance will be addressed?

Not all alliances are created equal. Depending on a company's strategic goals, different kinds of alliances and different organizational structures may be appropriate. We work with our clients to find the best way to structure and manage their alliances and partnerships to achieve the strategic goals of the venture.

Alliances go wrong most frequently due to neglect of the first stage–strategy development. We focus companies on ensuring that deals are structured correctly from the outset, with a solid understanding of mutual economics.

We collaborate with our clients on:

  • Developing alliance strategy

  • Selecting and evaluating partners

  • Structuring and negotiating the deal

  • Managing or restructuring existing alliances

  • Building internal alliance capabilities

  • Prepare for alliance or joint venture negotiations

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